Bluelight lenses!

We can't deny that constant screen time and blue light is bad for your eyes and sleep. But is there a way to protect yourself from it?

Where does bluelight come from?


We recommend sunglasses everytime you step out for protection against high-energy blue and UV light.

Digital devices

We spend 50% of our day looking at screen which are made of millions of light sources that bombard blue light.


High temperature (>5000K) is found all around is. It also emits high energy blue light.

Anatomy of bluelight

We all know ultra violet light is dangerous but blue light is just next in line. Blue light is part of the HEV spectrum that affects our vision and sleep.

Effects of longterm exposure to blue light

Studies have shown that prolonged and repeated exposure to blue light can have a number of ill-effects on our bodies. It depletes the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for putting you to sleep.

  • Heacaches
  • Eye strain
  • Sleeplessness

It's time you get blue light lenses!

Ahlens Eyewear are deep in the blue light lens game and are perfect for people who are exposed to bluelight throughout the day. Our high quality Italian acetate and Japanese metal frames are fitted with industry leading blue light lenses free of cost! Get them with or without prescription.

We provide lenses with free blue light filter in prescription, non-prescription and readers. A naturally occurring pigment is baked into the mixture, which blocks a significant portion of the blue light spectrum. You can also choose to get transitions to get extra protection against the sun.