Computer Glasses

Our eyes can get dry and irritated after a long day of screen time. The modern workplace is filled with screens emitting blue light that force our eyes to be focused on a single spot.
You are even reading THIS on a screen most probably!

You might have noticed that our eyes become strained and irritated. This is because of computer vision syndrome. Other symptoms that you might experience are eye redness, double vision, dizziness and dry eyes.

One of the ways to reduce the effects of computer vision syndrome is to use computer glasses!

Digital Eyestrain

Digital eye strain also known as computer vision syndrome is caused by two primary reasons. Blue light and glare that comes from our digital devices.

  • Blue light: Blue Light is high energy light that digital devices and LED lights emit. Blue Light sits at the end of the visible light spectrum, This high energy light enters and may stress the ciliary muscle in the eye, thus could lead to Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain. Blue light also affects the natural production of melatonin which inturn disrupts our sleep and wake cycles. Your mind is tricked to stay awake due to constant blue light indication even though the sun has set.

  • Glare: It is another reason for digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Glare causes a small reflection on our lenses to remain whether the source of that reflection is a digital screen, incoming traffic or street lights. This can stress the cililiary muscles in the eye and give rise to many side effects like dry, strained and irritated eyes. Some people may also experience headaches due to glare.

Benefits of computer glasses

Anti-reflective coating

The OG coating that is a must for any eyewear. This prevents a small reflection of the digital screen from showing up on your lenses. The anti-reflective coating on computer glasses helps reduce the glare that bounces off the screen and light coming from the device.

man in front of a screen

Blue light filter

Along with glare, blue light is the second most important cause of digital eyestrain. Our glasses come with blue-light filter free of charge to give you a calm digital experience.

Buy computer glasses

Our company motto at Ahlens Eyewear is to help people's wellbeing in the digital age. Our glasses come from the finest materials sourced from Italian acetate and Japanese/German metals. We offer free bluelight filter and anti-reflective (AR) coating on all our lenses.

You can begin your journey towards digital wellbeing by getting yourself a pair of Ahlens!