Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & returns

We ship to all locations in UAE and we will start shipping into Qatar, Oman & Saudi very soon. Contact us if your location is not servicable and we will do our best to deliver to you.

We have a 30 day free return policy. Please visit our returns and exchange page to lear more.

Eyewear fitting/size

Most of our glasses our unisex but that's just our opinion. Wear what your heart desires!

Our glasses our designed to fit 99% of our customers. If by change they don't fit please visit our adjustments & repairs page. Additionally, we offer 30 day free return.

If you're in Dubai you can visit out store locations to try out. We are currently bringing in virtual try-ons for our range.

Don't worry. You can simply adjust the 'elbow' of the arms by straightening it until it is desirably fit. This is how an optician would adjust them.

Blue light eyewear

Absolutely! Non-prescription glasses can still be worn by people who haven't worn glasses before.

Blue light glasses by Ahlens eyewear are for anyone who spends a large amount of time in front of a screen. If you find yourself spending most of your day infront of phones, laptops or TV, you better get them blues!

Yes! You can always choose 'Add prescription' option. You would need to upload an image of your prescription. Alternatively, we can follow-up with you via email or phone to get your prescription.

Yes! Ahlens blue light glasses work well with contact lens and protect you from the screen.

Our competitors charge a huge premium for blue blockers while giving you inferior product!
All our glasses offer 3 protection by default:

  • Blue light filter against harmful blue light wavelength.
  • Anti reflective coating in the lens improves vision acuity.
  • Anti scratch coating to keep your lenses clear!

Our competitors provide these benefits at an extra price over existing prices by 100-200 AED!

Thirdly, we offer a selection of blue or green tint and use the latest technology to keep the tint very minimal!

Our glasses block over 60%, which is good enough to greatly reduce eyestrain.

This also allows our lenses to have minimal tint.

The tint in our glasses are minimal and are kept in perfect balance to not affect your colour perception and block harmful blue light at the same time.
If you look very hard and very closely you might find the difference.

All our lenses have a standard UV light protector. Meaning they will protect you from the sun and the screen.


If you do not have a prescription or if your prescription is outdated, you can visit your local optician or optometrist and have an eyetest.
Make sure you ask for a copy of the prescription, including your PD (pupilarry distance).
Make sure you get a comprehensive eyetest (which includes the use of an eyechart).

You can visit our any of our physical location to get a free eye test!

The sphere (S, SF or SPH) and/or cylinder value of each eye (C or CYL)

If there is a cylinder value, then there must be an axis value (A, As, AXI, AXS or AXIS)

The pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between the center of your each pupils.

After selecting your desired frames, you can upload a prescription image/pdf using the upload button before adding to your cart.

Alternatively you can decide to send later. We will call you to get your prescription!

No worries! You can send a picture holding a credit card near your forehead while looking into the camera or you can use an online tool to do it!

If your prescription falls outside the range of our standard numbers you can reach out to us at or call us and we will fulfill the order.

Yes! Select bifocals/progressive before you add the frames to the cart.

Ordering online

All our eyewear are shipped from Dubai. Countries outside UAE are subject to import taxes currently until we set up fulfillment centers in other countries.

We have two store locations in Dubai where you can visit to try out our eyewear or even get a free eyetest!

  • A photo of your recent prescription.
  • Your PD.

It might be possible to cancel your order and we will honestly try to give 100% of the refund.
But once the order has started to process or shipping is done then you would have to use our returns & exchange policy to get your money back.

Prescriptions usually take 1-2 days before we ship them depending on your prescription.
Once it is shipped it will take 1 day for shipping within UAE and 2-3 days outside the UAE.