Need For and Science behind Computer Glasses

Need For and Science behind Computer Glasses

Screens are a daily part of our lives. Unfortunately, staring at screens for a long time has made the issue of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) more common. Thankfully, the solution has been to buy glasses for computer use called Computer Glasses.

But there is much misinformation and confusion about eye problems and consumers may be duped into buying glasses that do not offer any relief.

computer protection glasses in UAE

What are computer glasses?

Also referred to as computer reading glasses, they are prescription glasses designed especially for computer use. Such glasses have been designed to alleviate digital eyestrain and shield the eyes from Blue light emitted by screens. In case your work or your daily lifestyle needs you to spend many hours staring at the computer screen, it is critical to know more about computer protection glasses in UAE.

Problems faced by computer users

Extended exposure to screens of computers can result in digital eye strain or CVS. When a person is suffering from CVS, the following symptoms may be experienced: blurry vision, headaches, tired eyes, twitching of eyes, dry eyes, sleep problems, red eyes, neck pains etc.

Since human eyes do not have the habit of staring at objects close by for long periods of time and are also sensitive to possibly damaging blue light radiated by screens, wearing computer glasses is highly useful to help in combatting the above-listed issues of the eyes and the body.

How are computer glasses different?

They are different because they are designed to protect the eyes from specifically eye strain caused by computer screens. Computer protection glasses in UAE are unlike standard eyeglasses as they feature coating for blocking Blue light or anti-reflective coating.

Also, computer glasses feature customised prescriptions; this implies that they are not glasses that can be used by everyone for combating CVS but are tailor-made for a single person. Hence, it is recommended that you get your eyes tested before you buy glasses for computer use.

How do they work?

The main objective of computer eyeglasses in Dubai is to alleviate eyestrain. The Blue light emitted by computers is especially harmful. Staring a long time at a computer screen can cause eye problems, posture problems and disturbances in sleep patterns. When you are exposed to Blue light for a long time, it can damage the retina of the eyes.

Computer glasses lens feature coatings that reflect this harmful Blue Light. They are also customised as per decentred pupillary distance. The latter differs from person to person. So, you need to consult an eye specialist to check your eyes before ordering a pair of computer glasses.

These computer eyeglasses in Dubai are highly useful for all those who make daily use of technological devices and are prone to exposure to blue light for several hours a day. This includes nearly all mobile phone users and computer users.

The exact utility of Anti-blue light or computer glasses is still up for much debate. Though there is no scientific proof for this, research has suggested that computer glasses or blue-light glasses can reduce headaches, lower eyestrain and alleviate sleep disturbances. Particularly before bedtime, computer glasses which filter this Blue light are able to deliver a difference.

In sum, computer glasses lens lowers the quantum of Blue-light penetrating the eyes, making the work done on digital screens more comfortable and safer for the eyes. If you have other problems with the eyes, like astigmatism or myopia, it is vital to get your eye tested before ordering a pair of computer glasses.