Utility of VR/AR Prescription Lenses for VR/AR Headsets

Utility of VR/AR Prescription Lenses for VR/AR Headsets

The technology of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) has become mainstream with many consumer applications. VR headsets have become common sights in businesses and homes, being useful for fitness, gaming, media consumption, social networking and even for therapy sessions.

However, those with eye problems may find it tough to use AR/VR glasses along with their regular eyeglasses or contact lenses. Wearing glasses within a head-mounted AR/ VR display device may prove to be tough. The lenses of the headset may be scratched by the frames of the eyeglasses; there may be a foggy experience or the lenses touching the face when pushed against the AR/ VR headsets can result in smudges that block vision.

Thus, even if you have the best eyeglasses or the best contact lenses to buy, it is frustrating to try to wear VR glasses over a pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses.

The good news is that there is a solution for such problems- customised prescription lenses for your AR/ VR headset. 

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About VR/AR prescription lenses

VR prescription lenses for VR/ AR headsets are the solution for comfortable AR/ VR experiences like gaming, meant for persons with eye-sight issues. Such lenses work as a middleman between your eyes and the AR/VR glasses, eliminating the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve your vision.

The installation of such upgrades to the VR/ AR headset implies that there is no longer a need to worry about fitting headsets over eyeglasses. By this, it is possible to enjoy a comfortable session of gaming without discomfort or hassles instead of the best quality contact lenses.

Need for VR/AR prescription lenses

While doing some sleuthing online, it is common to find customers complaining about scratches on regular glasses caused by AR/ VR headsets. The solution is AR/ VR prescription lenses.

Wearing glasses below the headsets causes a rise in the risk of scratching eyewear when you are moving the glasses or headset frequently to become comfortable. When you wear the headset close and tight to your face, it becomes easy to scratch and nick your eyeglasses or best quality contact lenses

How do they work?

Lens adaptors or prescription contact lenses Dubai function as a replacement for current eyewear. This eliminates the need for the best-quality contact lenses while using AR/VR headsets. There are no more needs to struggle with discomfort in the eyes or damage to the best contact lenses to buy.

Fitting the lens adapters does not require any special tools or equipment, so it can be used easily by any user of AR/ VR devices. The bonus is that they can be popped back in an equally easy manner so that you can share the headsets with other people.

In sum, prescription contact lenses Dubai or adapters are a highly useful upgrade for AR/ VR headsets for use with. They will help in providing protection to standard glasses or lenses from scratches created by headsets. They will provide you with a much more superior gaming experience all the time.