Buy Reading Glasses for Men

Sharp vision, sharper style. Discover our men's reading glasses range from +0.25 to +2.75. See clearly and look great with added lens coatings.


      Free coatings with reading glasses


      Anti-scratch coating

      All our reading glasses have anti-scratch coating, included free of charge.

      Blue light filter

      You can opt for optional blue-light filter on your lenses, free of charge.

      Anti-reflective coating

      Free anti-reflective coating in our reading glasses.

      How to buy men's reading glasses?


      1. Understand Your Prescription

      If you haven't had an eye exam recently, or if you're experiencing changes in your vision, we recommend getting an exam before ordering your glasses. A prescription for reading glasses will typically include a 'Near Vision' or 'NV' reading.


      2. Choose your frames

      We offer a wide variety of frames to suit every style and face shape. From classic to contemporary designs, you're sure to find something that matches your aesthetic. While aesthetics are important, also consider comfort and durability, especially if you'll be wearing your glasses frequently.


      3. Select prescription type

      Next, you'll need to choose the type of prescription for your reading glasses. We offer single vision lenses that are perfect for reading and close-up work.


      4. Enter your prescription

      Once you've chosen your frame and lenses, it's time to enter your prescription details. Be sure to enter this information carefully to ensure the best visual acuity.


      5. Select lens type

      Next, you'll need to choose the type of lens for your reading glasses. We offer standard lenses with AR coating plus we also provide option to


      6. Checkout and Shipping

      After entering your prescription, proceed to checkout. We offer secure payment options and prompt shipping, so your new reading glasses will be on their way to you in no time.


      Reading glasses are eyewear designed to help people with presbyopia, a common condition that often develops as we age, causing difficulty in seeing close objects clearly. They enhance near vision, making it easier to read, use a computer, do crafting, and other close-up tasks.

      If you find yourself struggling to read small print, needing to hold books or devices at arm's length to see clearly, or experiencing eye fatigue, headaches, or eye strain when doing close work, you might benefit from reading glasses. It's best to see an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye exam to determine your need for reading glasses.

      Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

      The power of reading glasses, measured in diopters, represents the optical strength of the lenses. A higher number indicates a stronger prescription. The power you need for reading glasses is determined by your eye care professional during an eye exam.

      Different types of lens coatings include anti-reflective coatings to reduce glare, blue-light-blocking coatings to protect against potentially harmful blue light from screens, UV coatings to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays, and scratch-resistant coatings to prolong the life of your glasses.

      Reading glasses are designed for close-up work and should be worn as needed for activities like reading, sewing, or using a computer. Wearing them for distant vision activities could make your vision blurry and cause discomfort.